Sports Bikini

If you want to stay sexy while being active at the beach, the sports bikini is a must. Most swimming apparel are only good for showing off a great tan or a great bod, not for heavy-duty beach activities and sports such as beach volleyball or water polo. You might also think of a sports bikini as being what fitness models and bikini competitors wear and you would be correct. You must have a proper bikini competition suits to compete in NPC, IFBB and other organization events.

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The history of the active swimwear

For many years, outfits worn on the beach for sports activities were the unflattering, one-piece styles typically worn by athletes. However, new designs are coming out to give sports-minded water bums a sexier look blended with the durability of sportswear. Now, there are two-pieces with sturdy straps that stay on no matter how active you move. Experts will usually tell you to save the string bikini for sunbathing, and they are right. If you really want to play volleyball in something as equally sexy, there is no doubt that there is a swimming outfit for such an activity that is as sexy as any ultra revealing string bathing suit.

Choosing beach outfits

Some outfits for the seaside are made of different materials according to their purpose. Bathing suits meant forextreme activities, for one, are made of more durable materials such as fabric with high Lycra and Spandex content. These fabric types are made of blends that allow for greater flexibility in movement, but they stay in shape and cling to your body snugly. Avid swimmers should choose swimsuits with a high Spandex count because a high Spandex content usually translates to a more streamlined garment. An apparel with a high nylon content is also more suitable for activities in saltwater.

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Great designs include tank tops and racer-backs. You should also a buy a bikini one size smaller than the one you would usually wear for a tight, snug fit. Active play can lead to embarrassing situations such as a top falling off or a bottom bunching up if your swimsuit does not fit just right. For those who plan to stay in the water, outfits with high SPF protection are a must. One can easily determine the level of SPF in a garment by looking at the tag or the label. For more protection, you can pair bikini bottoms with tank tops so that you stay flexible but covered at the same time. Bottoms with drawstring waists are perfect for triathlon runners because they can be easily adjusted from time to time for a good fit.