Micro Bikini

A micro bikini is a very small two-piece, in the simplest sense of the word. This type of beachwear is perhaps one of the most revealing among them all. Teeny swimsuits are perfect for those who want to reveal as much as possible without having to go prancing around the beach with no clothes on. Super tiny swimwear is also the perfect option for those who cannot be bothered with tan lines, which are very noticeable with conventional bathing suits. One can simply untangle the knot on a skimpy bikini, lie naked one one’s stomach, and spend the whole afternoon working on the perfect tan.

What a micro looks like

Itty bitty tops and bottoms for the beach are usually designed the same. Most come in tear drop or triangle tops and minute triangle-shaped coverings for the crotch. Colors vary and the same is true for designs, from sexy animal prints to bold neon colors. All are held together by elastic strings made of the same material. Two popular styles are the thong and the sheer kind.  The thong consists of a thin strip of material running through the butt cheeks, which makes it different from the G-string that has a piece of string running up the cheeks.

Materials for teeny bikinis also vary. The most popular materials include mesh, crochet, and the microfiber. Mesh comes in an unending variety of colors, and crochet comes in various patterns. Microfiber two-pieces are great for summer because the tiny pores allow the body to breathe.

Sheer bathing suits for the ultimate sexy look

For those who are looking for the ultimate in sexy swimming outfits, nothing can definitely beat the transparent-when-wet swimsuits. These things are not only small, but they also provide total exposure when wet. The good thing about see-through swimsuits is that they leave no tan lines on your body whatsoever. The millions of tiny holes on the fabric of a microfiber bikini will let light in, giving you an even, lineless tan. Expect all to be seen once you hit the water. Transparent-when-wet swimming apparel offer the same kind of coverage that opaque swimsuits offer when dry. Most of them dry fairly quickly, which means that you are not exposed for long. If you want to bare all for a longer period of time, you can just get back in the water, and your bathing suit is transparent once again.