Sheer Bikini

The sheer bikini, also called the seekini, is a variant of the sexy swimsuit style that is one of the most revealing among the bathing suit varieties. In fact, the seekini reveals all. Coverage is not the issue when it comes to these swimsuits. Most provide total exposure without having the need to take off the pieces. This is the reason most see-through-when-wet tops and bottoms and even one-pieces are a favorite of those who love to sunbathe but hate the tan lines that usually go with it.

Popular cover-ups for transparent-when-wet pieces

If you love wearing see-through-when-wet garments but also want to cover up from time to time, there are great wraparound options to choose from. Sarongs and crochet tops are the most popular coveralls for transparent pieces, although a pair of beach shorts will also work just as nicely. Covering up is important if you are going for the sheer look, since this type of swimwear exposes you to the most amount of sun. Do not forget to wear sunblock even on covered areas, as the gauze-like cloth will still let in amounts of harmful UV rays. Fair-skinned sunbathers can do well with an SPF of at least 35, while SPF in the 15 to 20 range will work well for dark-skinned beachgoers.

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The Difference between sheer and see-through apparel

Some people may think that sheer swimsuits and see-through garments are one and the same, but they are not. The gauze-like beachwear only tends to reveal all when the bathing suit is wet, while see-through items are transparent, whether wet ordry. When dry, transparent-when-wet apparel offer the same amount of coverage given by conventional bathing suits. These swimwear garments are made of nylon and Lycra combinations; they are often lined with nude-colored fabric to accentuate the transparent effect.

Both types come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, from monokinis and sling bikinis to tankinis and g-strings. However, most gauze-like tops and bottoms come in lighter colors and prints to let as much light as possible. Mesh is a type of fabric that is dotted with bigger holes. This is also a popular fabric choice for gauze-like swimming garments.

These types of swimwear are available in online sites, where you can find an endless array of choices. Take note, however, that most online vendors will not allow returns since bathing suits are considered personal items, and returning used items are considered unsanitary. You can also find this type of bathing apparel in specialty beach shops offline.